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Tuesday Jul 07, 2009

trial to show how fast I can publish audio

Wednesday Jun 27, 2007

Sixth grade teacher Lynda Walsh from Pennichuck Middle School in Nashua, NH has been using a timer for years... but discovering a web-based timer has excited her to try new possibilities....

Monday Mar 05, 2007

Are you students sharing what they learn in your class with the world? Jane Murray's are. Part of her final exam requires students to enhance a Wikipedia site that talks about a book or theme that they've learned in her High School English class. In this podcast, Jane shares her idea and discusses how her students have grown from resisting this type of assessment to embracing the idea that they can contribute to the world's cumulative knowlege that's the power of Web 2.0.

Friday Dec 15, 2006

In this student created podcast feed scripts of FDR's famous fireside chats were rewritten and rebroadcast. Our discussion with teacher Sarah Gilbert gives you all the tips you need to create a similar feed for your class...

Tuesday Nov 21, 2006

Mrs. Sarah Gilbert recently finished a project with her junior US History class.  The students downloaded source files from United Streaming and created their own Video Essays of 12 topics that pertain to the 1920's.  Each video is 2-3 minutes of primary source footage that has been editing creatively using Movie Maker II. The student's videos can be seen online at's.htm!  Did her students enjoy the project?  You'll have to listen to find out...

Friday Nov 03, 2006

In Sept 2006, Mary Marotta, Leslie Carroll and Nicole Tomaselli were selected along with 24 other learning teams to attend the Microsoft Innovative Teachers' Forum in Redmond.  As Technology Integration Specialists they work across the NH/MA border to collaborate around incorporation of technology into classroom lessons.  They provide teachers with quality professional development opportunities and help their school communities use cutting edge technologies to enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students.  At the forum, all of the innovative teachers were divided into groups and set out to explore the "challenges and changes" corporate and nonprofit organizations must overcome to perserve and be successful.  The attached PhotoStory "movie" is a summary of our Pike Place Market experience.  It was made using a collection of primary sources that my group gathered using a digital camera and digital voice recorder. 

Thursday Nov 02, 2006

Highschool English teacher Nate Mazerolle has been teaching MacBeth to Seniors for years.  This year though, Nate took a new approach to teach the classic literature by following his students interest in multimedia production.  In this podcast, Nate discusses his apprehension for taking on a media rich project, some of the unexpected issues that came up and let's us know if he'll ever attempt a project like this again with his classes.

Tuesday Oct 24, 2006

Mary is an Instructional Technology Specialist for Nashoba Regional High School.  This interview was conducted using SKYPE technology in combination with Audacity and LAME encoder to create a file that is publishable as a podcast.  In our discussion we address the role of the Instructional Technology Teacher and some of the challenges of the position in a highschool setting.  We also find out what Mary is going to be focused on bringing to her staff in the coming 2006-2007 School Year. 

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